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Devin Townsend has always been an intense and inspiring musical pioneer.

His book is as full-on and honest as 
only he can be.
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I thought writing a book was going to be easy. It wasn’t. Writing about growing up, music, the creative process and connection between personal development and ‘career’ made me think about a lot of other stuff, too. Like the positive and negative experiences of making different albums, and how each one affected me mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s all here, though, from my childhood to working with Steve Vai, forming Strapping Young Lad and the Devin Townsend Project, to Casualties of Cool and finding myself only half there.


One amazing book, two superb editions

The book is available in two editions, both produced to the highest standard. The Classic comes with a CD of newly recorded music titled Iceland, and includes previously unseen photos from Devin’s scrapbooks. The Signature version is the same book but signed by Devin, wrapped in a different jacket material and nestling in a limited edition box. Also in the box are a signed cassette tape of previously unreleased demo recordings titled Ancient, and four unique, small prints of cartoons drawn by Devin.

Feature Classic edition Signature edition
300+page hardback book
Previously unseen personal photos
New Iceland CD, exclusive to the book
'Ancient' cassette tape of previously unreleased demos by Devin, also as downloads
Limited to 1500 sets
Individually signed by Devin
Prints of cartoon art by Devin
Presented in a box
PRICE Price £40 £35 Price £100
classic edition classic edition

Key points

  • Comes with a specially recorded CD unavailable elsewhere

  • Available as a strictly limited first edition

  • Exclusive offer only available here

  • Limited editions contain the 'Ancient' demo cassette tape


Listen to an excerpt of the music written and recorded by Devin in Iceland, the CD will only be available with this book.

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Based in London, Rocket 88 are a small team of believers. Believers in music, in art, in history, in stories and in rock ‘n’ roll. But don’t take our word for it – here’s a sample of what artists, fans and reviewers are saying about our previous books. You’ll find even more on our main site.

Rocket 88 book cover

“I have read the book cover to cover within 2 weeks. Once I started, I could not put it down.”


brandon manchego
on Lifting Shadows
Rocket 88 book cover

“Beautifully packaged, eruditely written and full of insight … Barrett feels like the ultimate work of art”


Mojo on Barrett
Rocket 88 book cover

“The story of Opeth as told by the band, illustrated with rare and previously unseen photos.”



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Who’s publishing the book?
The book is being published by Rocket 88, an imprint of the established British book production company Essential Works. Based in London, Essential regularly supplies top quality books to major publishers and to individuals all around the world. You can see some of our books here
When will the book be published?
The Classic edition will published in Europe in October 2016 and the Signature Edition in November. Orders to North America and the rest of the world dispatch a few weeks after the European shipments.
Where will I be able to get the book?
The book is currently only available from Rocket 88.
Can I get the book anywhere else?
Not at the moment, it may be available to order from book retailers in a few months but it will always be available at the lowest cost here, you will not see it discounted on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


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